Great Chrome Plugins

Adblock – Blocks all kind of adverts and leads to a much cleaner browsing experience. It even blocks ads on YouTube – Hallelujah!

Block Site – This nifty plugin allows you to block sites such as Porn sites and sites where you waste vast amounts of time, for instance Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

Google Mail Checker – Allows you to see when you have a new email and when you click it it loads up your inbox instantly!

Hola Better Internet – Allows you to unblock certain websites and change your access by changing your DNS settings. Great for watching US Netflix and accessing websites that implement a paywall after a certain number of visits.

iMacros – Allows you to create macros so you can repeat certain tasks that would otherwise take much longer to do.

Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) – Vastly improves your overall browsing experience on Reddit and allows you to preview images and text without opening new pages.

Session Manager – Lets you save all your open tabs so you can re-open them at any given time. I’ve found this is really useful for when you’re working on a project and need to have some down time and then get straight back to work.

13 thoughts on “Resources”

  1. I was on the forum causing trouble! My speciality was giving those e&w books away for free. I think that I was threatened with banning for violating copyright. Lulz!

      1. Sure will! I’m gonna challenge western execptionalism! As well as american execptionalism. But first I’ll by something like the vepr 12 gauge. lolz

        1. For rockets and missiles I suggest the book Rocket Propulsion Elements a “good” book according to Wiley and Google.

      2. So as I was saying to disable the bumper beeper/tracker just drill a hole in it on the attenna because that will destroy signal gain or if it’s not GPS simply pull the antenna off.

    1. When commenting etc picks up on here. I know what software I’m going to use, not sure about much else. It’ll probably cover crime prevention, self defense and fitness, computers and tech, drug information, freedom of speech and TRP stuff. I don’t really want to touch E&W topics.

      1. Because I don’t want to post stuff about E&W? I don’t want the feds showing up at my front door or this site getting removed by our hosts.

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