Chrome Plugins

Great Chrome Plugins

Adblock – Blocks all kind of adverts and leads to a much cleaner browsing experience. It even blocks ads on YouTube – Hallelujah!

Block Site – This nifty plugin allows you to block sites such as Porn sites and sites where you waste vast amounts of time, for instance Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

Google Mail Checker – Allows you to see when you have a new email and when you click it it loads up your inbox instantly!

Hola Better Internet – Allows you to unblock certain websites and change your access by changing your DNS settings. Great for watching US Netflix and accessing websites that implement a paywall after a certain number of visits.

iMacros – Allows you to create macros so you can repeat certain tasks that would otherwise take much longer to do.

Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) – Vastly improves your overall browsing experience on Reddit and allows you to preview images and text without opening new pages.

Session Manager – Lets you save all your open tabs so you can re-open them at any given time. I’ve found this is really useful for when you’re working on a project and need to have some down time and then get straight back to work.

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