The motto of Rorta was Knowledge is Power and our site was primarily about sharing knowledge in the quest for freedom from the state, media, corporations and others who try to restrict and enslave us through various means. The old forum hosted a wide range of topics from drugs to computer hacking, travel through to sex, from movies to government corruption, from scams and crimes to getting shredded in the gym. It is this wide range of topics that I intend to use as a base for creating Rorta in a more friendly online format. For the most part forums are limited and blogs, social media and outlets such as Reddit have taken their place. This will change again but this is how Rorta will be in the moment. Topics will likely change in accordance with what I am doing and my current interests, as well as those of any guest posters.

I was one of the admins over at Rorta.Net and when we closed our doors we had over 100,000 posts! Rorta was founded as a proboards site by members of the WeirdPier forums and soon became Rorta.com and then Rorta.net. I came along not too long after the creation of Rorta.net and joined the admin team not long after. Whilst there are relatively few of us visiting this incarnation, I am determined that the ethos of Rorta – that knowledge should be spread – should continue.

Peace and love, Th0r.

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  1. well thor it has been a couple of years at this point , when bahr went offline, i spent a good number of weeks trying like hell to hunt you down , then when that failed i still sent you emails , pm’s , and forum post trying to find you.
    at this point its just good to have a chance to get a-hold of you


  2. Hey DarkAngel

    You left your email address, so I’ll shoot you an email ASAP.

    I apologise unreservedly for the difficulty you and others have had in getting hold of me between 2012 and early 2014.


  3. Holy shit, when rorta went down, I was pretty bummed but thought it’d come back up. 2-3 years later I FINALLY find out what happened. I needed this closure lol. Its relieving that you guys aren’t dead or in prison.

    1. Hey dude, what was your handle on Rorta?

      Stick around, plenty of new content to be uploaded soon and I’m looking for guest authors as well.


      1. My handle was uplade3. I think I have some articles saved from .net. Feel free to hit me up with the guest contributor thing.

        I didn’t post very much there but I’m a supermod over at androidtablets.net and a few other tech sites.

        1. Sweet man, I think I vaguely remember you but TBH a lot of the past few years has been one drug induced haze. Reading through the gigabyte database of the old Rorta forum I am constantly reminded of people I have conversed with over the years.

          On guest writing, if you can pitch a topic to me that you think would fit in with the last site and thus this one too I’ll be more than happy to publish it!

          As for androidtablets I actually posted on there once or twice as I had an Asus Transformer I routinely had problems with. Small world.

          End transmission.


          1. I can definitely do that. What’s a good email address? And yeah, I remember a thread where we all decimated a guy flaming other members. Like 7 of us lol.

            And I know the feel about the haze. .net taught me a lot of what I know.

  4. This reminds me , what ever happened to Rorta anyway.
    SRX went down , we know why, but i never heard anything about rorta.

    1. That’s funny. I know very little about why ShadowRX went down. Fill me in on the blanks sometime.

      I put Rorta into maintenance mode whilst I sporadically attempted to cut down on spam. Nothing I did worked. I couldn’t upgrade to the newer vBulletin either. So, I just let it sit there for a while. I couldn’t quite figure out what to do with it.

      Our beloved host, when it came to payment time did not automatically pay for the renewal with my buddy’s card details. It was only when he realised the money hadn’t been taken out of his account that the bill hadn’t been settled. So I paid it, plus a number of late payments only to be told that if I wanted to keep the Rorta.net domain I would have to pay $300. I will publish the email at some point so people can see what these fuckers are actually like.

      I just decided to bail on the .net domain and keep the hosting going and just bought a new domain, with a new hosting package and start something new and fresh.

      In time I want to have a forum again, with a group of key, loyal members where everything is off-the-grid and we can talk about anything we fucking please. I think it will take a while to get to that point, though.

      End transmission.

      1. thanks for the clear up thor , ill fill ya in in private to all the details. drop me an email at some point you have my address

  5. Th0r – greetings. Good to hear that there are still some people around. I’ve disappeared to the land of Tor and been doing personal research etc.


  6. I can’t believe you’re still here. Apologies for suddenly going ghost while modding for Rx29a. Some very serious investigations and threats were brought to my attention. I became quite Paran0id and had to go OTR. (Actually back OTR temporarily over another issue) Hopefully some of you remember me. I can’t describe the feeling of 3cstasy I get when remembering the good times I had on BS/Rorta/Rx29a.

    1. Holy shit, always wondered what happened to you. Hope things are good. Would be good to chat with you, Dark and a few more of the SRX crew.

  7. I’m back Dark, and Thor. But wow, i’m kind of excited. I think we have all had a few years to grow a bit and I really hope this works out. Now for the quick cut of why SRX went down. Well, I was moving from collage to full time work, severe alcohol and girl problems… At the time internet forums were the least of my worries. I hate that I let it die like I did. But, I also wasn’t very happy with how the forums were going.

    But, I think that we all (Hopefully) have grown a bit and I want another go at it.

  8. th0r,

    It is I, Saturday. Perhaps you remember me. I miss Rorta and would love to be a part of its reincarnation.

    Please let me know how I can help. On a side note, was all of the content from Rorta.net lost? Not that it’s a big deal, but I had some information on there that I was hoping to recover at some point.



  9. Lol, You ready for a blast from the past. If anybody is still out there, its MAC!!!! Good to see some familiar names, sadly, it may fall on deaf ears. Just wanted to plop in while I was revisiting my past.

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