I’d love to hear from anyone who wants to discuss the content of this blog or anything else on more discreet channels. I’d also love to hear from any Rorta members whether back in the 2003 proboard days that I was not a part of, or the glorious days.

You can get at me by tweeting at me or shooting me a DM:

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Alternatively you can leave a comment in the box below. Just make sure you leave an email address that I can reach you on andI’ll aim to get back to you within a few days.

With disorder and chaos, Th0r.

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    1. Looks interesting, really surprised Scribd hasn’t pulled this yet.

      On an added note, I don’t condone or encourage anyone to try out anything in that book unless they’re simply doing so for legitimate research.

      I would also be fucking careful with using Google or any other online translator to translate information that could potentially be deadly, if incorrectly translated.

  1. I had started a small discussion with you in the last few weeks in an article’s comment section on (We had both realized how stupid it is to party too hard and you had professed your preference for going out once or twice a month instead of all the time). In your response you mentioned the blog, so I decided to check it out and will be digging deeper into it.

    It’s always great to hold dialogues with people who have a similar Red Pill mindset. Our goals, experiences and life in general may be very different, we have the right idea: shrink your social circle, work on what YOU want to do, spin some plates while you’re at it, but keep plates as a bottom priority.

    My ‘friends’ don’t really understand my disappearances. I’ve mentioned monk mode and tried to explain, but few get it. The circle grows smaller every year and I find it difficult to care about frivolous nonsense like drama, guys trying hard to sell me financial products, etc. Time is limited and valuable. Waking up around 5 or 6am every day has given me a few more hours each day to take advantage of that limited resource. Meditation, writing, and reading nonfiction have all found their way into my life. Slowing down the alcohol and recreational drug use is another important key stage of my evolution.

    I’m actually heading to the grocery store after work to grab the ingredients for Shakshuka. That looks like a win-win meal. Do you have any similar dishes that use those 3 spices or are in that same vein?

    1. Hey dude, thanks for taking the time to check out the blog which is very much in its infancy, I might add. On top of that it’s always great to hear from people who are ‘on’ to TRP.

      You mentioned how you tried to explain Monk Mode to your associates: I no longer really try and explain anything. I have a younger dude I’m mentoring and I know he will succeed. He is the only person I try and explain anything to IRL. My friends and associates I discuss TRP related shit with are already very much switched on.

      I keep having this exact debate with a buddy of mine who wants to start a blog with me which exposes Feminist bullshit. He wants to blog about it, five or six times a week and try and convert the masses (Who don’t want to listen) and essentially publish it under his own name. He is very gung-ho, while I am quite happy to nod and smile, all the while using feminism to my advantage, rather than to try and fight against it in the process losing my personal power by exposing my beliefs and motives.

      I guess the point I’m trying to make is that it is pointless to try to convert the masses and expose yourself to the Sheep.

      On the topic of time, the older I get the more conscious I get of my mortality. More and more people I know die and I know with every day that goes by we’re all getting closer to the end. I guess I might as well bang as many girls, make as much dough, read as many books, listen to as many songs, travel to as many places as I possibly can before I die.

      On the topic of Shakshuka and spices I know dishes that individually use the spices but not really together in the way that Shakshuka uses them. I really want to learn more about North African and Middle Eastern cuisine and I’m sure there are a lot of dishes from both those regions that utilise all three spices at the same time.

      /Peace out.

  2. DP is dead, and I have found something that may be of interest to you – the Lone Wolf Resistance Manual by Franke Schein.

    While I do not advocate terrorism, there is some very interesting information in this little manual – like how to make a voice scrambler (the old school way of making your “encrypting” your phonecalls) using a police scanner, a hand-held CB radio, and a 10-Meter CB/HAM radio.

    See the following link:

    1. Had a quick skim read – Looks interesting. I’ve got no problem with people posting links to things, just as long as they’re not actively posting or promoting any sort of shit that could get this site closed down.

      After all, knowledge is power.

      1. Yeah, information is power, but the government does have legitimate concerns about people advocating terrorism and that sort of shit. But as DP is down, I don’t know anywhere else to post this sort of thing!

        1. I didn’t really realise DP was dead for good, I’ll get a private board up in the next few days so people can start posting links and whatnot.

  3. Just letting you know that sometimes when you try to access Rorta using TOR you get a “your IP address is blocked or banned” type message.

    1. That’s our hosts, I think. There’s nothing I can do unfortunately. If you’re that concerned I’d use a VPN, but we’re not going to host anything illegal unlike the last Rorta incarnation, so I wouldn’t worry too much unless you’re posting illegal content which I’ll probably have to delete anyway.


    1. Hey man, I remember you from the .Net days. I’m sure you last posted around 2008? Long time, no see!

      You may very well be the only person from the WP days to visit us. Stone and DoctaD have long gone off the radar. Once every blue moon a member from the early .Net days and .Com days pops up.

      Hope you’re good anyway, always nice to hear an old name.

      1. I guess you could say we’re gone off the radar 🙂

        I turned to the other side and now work for the “good guys” as an infosec professional. Got married, had kids, yadda yadda yadda.

        I’m still in contact with DoctaD but I’m not going to detail his life 🙂

        I probably still have all the development files and .psd’s for the old forum lying around somewhere. If you want them as part of a rebuild I can arrange to get them to you.

        It’s shit that happened to the hosting/domain. Was it still hosted with the same crowd (I think misco or something like that)? I never trusted them anyway. But they were one of the only places that would host rorta. These days a site like that needs to be on a darknet anyway.

        1. Holy shit. How the fuck are you doing Stone? I hope things are good on your end. Same with DD, last time I spoke to him was probably around 2010.

          I saved a huge amount of stuff from the old forum so I don’t think you’ll need to go rummaging about. We were hosted with Micfo who increasingly got worse and worse, raised the price substantially etc. I could sit here all day bitching about them! Honestly, you’d expect the Darknet to be full of sites like Rorta/Totse/RogueSci but there really aren’t that many that I’ve found. There are still tons of sites detailing explosives and hacking that can be accessed via Google. Just like you, I’ve changed myself and I don’t want to post tons of stuff that might get me arrested or the site shut down.

          Good to hear from you though, thinking about it I don’t think I’ve heard from you since 2008ish – best part of a decade now!

    2. I remember you from WeirdPier and Rorta 🙂 Shit, must be around 15 years now since I first went on WP. Fuck I’m getting old!

  4. Th0r,

    How are you?

    I am trying to get back on the forum, but the automated mail is failing to kick-out.

    Perhaps you remember me from the .net days…

    Certainly would like to contribute to reincarnating Rorta, please let me know how I can contribute.

  5. Hey guys,

    Been a while. Cool to see Rorta still going in some way, Long time no chat. Not on a terribly secure line at the moment but interesting to see some of the old names 🙂


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