Most Blogs and Websites Don’t Want to Help You

Don’t bother expecting 99% of online sites to want to truly help you. I say this as the author of this blog and the webmaster and administrator of over ten other sites/forums.

Most blogs and websites generate money through advertising and clicks, thus explaining why the vast majority of websites today are based on nothing more than clickbait. They use bold titles that seem like they can make miracles work in order to make you click on their link and generate them a tiny sum of money. Some are actively trying to sell you their product or a product they take a cut on. Others are interested in merely the ego boost of knowing a lot of people click on their site and read their shit.

Others, the absolute minority, like myself on this site, truly want to change people’s lives for the better and to inform them. I don’t want this site to grow because I see the vast amount of people as being unworthy of the information that Rorta has to offer. They are far more interested in spending money on bullshit and supporting the establishment through consumer behaviour to grasp any benefit from the information I want to get out there.

On all manner of blogs and similar websites you see generic advice that is catered for SEO and clicks that is completely worthless to the vast majority of people who visit the site.

If only ten people come here a month and can learn something or take something away from this site then I have achieved my goal. You’ll never see adverts on this site either. I’ll pay the bills out of my own pocket. Publishing articles and maintaining Rorta to me is a pleasure, just as watching mindless hours of television is to others. It always has been and it always will be, no matter what form Rorta takes.

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