Why Anarcho-Capitalism is possibly the way forwards…

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of the state in our lives. In Britain, we stand on the precipice of engaging in military action in Syria, something that is undoubtedly foolish and which will likely have catastrophic repercussions in the future. This is a decision being made by the state. As with Iraq and the disastarous invasion, the pleas of the masses will likely be ignored. As I said, this is a decision being made by the state and for the state and their business associates, who as with Iraq stand to make huge amounts of money from military action.

Who needs the state?

Mostly the weak and the stupid.

We are told that the state protects us from murderers yet our own state is happy to engage in murders through the intelligence services, armed forces and the police. The state allegedly protects us from rapists, yet allows the likes of rapists in Rotherham and shelters rapists and paedophiles in the government.  We are currently faced with the prospect that a former Prime Minister, Edward Heath was one of these pieces of shit.

Almost everything the state does, we are told, is in the name of protecting us. This could not be further from the truth.

The answer possibly lies in Anarcho-Capitalism. The notion of a country without a state, where the free market can flourish, where we are not part of any ‘trade unions’ such as the European Union or party to trade agreements such as TTIP. A country where self-ownership is paramount. A nation not at war for the sake of making a minority rich. A country where internal security is organised by the masses, for the masses. A country where hard work is King. A country where we are not dictated to.

This is just a vision I have.

It is just a vision, a vision that will most likely never come true, but a vision I wanted to share nonetheless.

People may question why I have this vision, and the answer lies in the fact that I simply wish to live my life on my own terms without interference from the state.

Is that too much to ask?

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