Spend Money/Gain Weight. Save Money/Lose Weight.

It started a few years ago. Physically I was in the best shape of my life. A year or so of eating right and hitting the gym had paid off. Mentally I was in the worst shape of my life. For all intents and purposes, aside from my investments I was broke. I had lost four members of my family and my long term relationship had ended. I was abusing Weed, Coke and MDMA regularly.

As me and a friend began working 14 hour days forging a business, I let myself fall into a bad way physically. I stopped working out. I stopped running. I stopped taking care of my body. The more money I made the more I spent on food. I would get a takeaway most nights and go out for dinner to a restaurant once or twice a week. In the daytime I would eat and drink garbage. In a year I gained three stone, and lost thousands of pounds in doing so. I estimate some weeks I may well have spent £100 on food and drinks, excluding alcohol. This may seem like a relatively small amount but many people my age struggle don’t have that after working a week once their rent is paid.

I tried various diets and briefly documented my Steak and Eggs diet and although I lost weight it wasn’t good enough. In February I decided to bring my cost of food down to an absolute minimum – £15 a week and do the same with my daily Caloric intake, which I bought down to 1600 calories per day.

Three months later I have saved a fair amount of money and I’m now at a lower BF% than I was before I got myself into this mess. My face isn’t as chiselled as it once was and I don’t have anywhere near the muscle mass I used to have, but we will get there. Once I’m happy – The goal is ten stone and I’m at 11 now – we’ll move onto the next challenge: How to save money and gain mass.

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  1. Hi Th0r, could you please elaborate on what your meal plans for a typical week are? I’ve trouble with my current expenditure on food and would like some ideas? Many thanks and please keep up your efforts with the blog..

    1. Hey mate. Based on your email address it looks like you’re in the UK too! I do almost all of my shopping from Iceland, Lidl and Aldi. Iceland has a bad rap, but in terms of prices it might well be the cheapest supermarket in Britain. I experimented with what was on offer at those three shops, found meals I could eat every single day and that were less than 1800 calories total. If you want to go much higher than 2000 calories a day I reckon you’ll end up spending more. People give me shit about shopping at Iceland and whilst I could probably afford to do my shopping at Waitrose, I don’t see a noticeable difference in quality to justify spending what would amount to probably a significant more per week.

      Unfortunately it looks like I might be Gluten intolerant as I have several symptoms and could well explain the inflammation that has been baffling me for nearly three years and that antibiotics haven’t fixed either so as of next week I’m going Gluten free for at least six weeks. Expect some kind of post about making that affordable.

      If you’ve got any questions or want me to be any more specific, just let me know.

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