The Simple Living Space

I am a huge believer in the positive effect a living space that is in good order can have on people.

In my degenerate days I lived in several pig styes of houses, apartments and bedrooms that were so bad even half a decade later people I know still talk about how bad they were. It is worth mentioning that some of these times were the most depressing of my life, but hardly surprising when you think about it. When you live in chaos your mind will naturally follow suit.

These days I follow a more minimalist and disciplined approach to living; not just with less stuff but also a much more simplistic one. When you are facing the daily chaos of the World really this is the only way to live. I leave my apartment before 5A most mornings and the last thought I have before I leave is ‘no matter how fucked up my day is at some point I will come back to this’. This being my peaceful sanctuary. And that gives me comfort and sometimes when I’m still grinding away at 7P it pushes me through.

When it comes to minimalism I am the first to say that I don’t shun material possessions, but I am a firm believer in finding balance and only having material possessions that add some kind of value and have a function. Books are a prime example: I have a lot of them but they add value to my life and by having physical copies I can refer to them at any time. A lot of random crap that most people have in their houses does not fulfil this criteria.

Here are the three simple principles I follow:

  • Everything has its own place. I know where everything is at all times. I never have to look for anything anymore. Time saved and peace of mind.*
  • Have routines. Have a time every day where you do the same tasks. I make my bed with military level discipline at the same time every morning.
  • Set the standard and keep it. It is no good simplifying everything, tidying everything up, decluttering and all of that when you let it slip again.

Essentially all of this just comes down to being disciplined with yourself, and discipline is what you’ll need to take you to the next level of excellence.

*Years ago I posted about bug out bags and what mine was like. I don’t have one but I keep a couple of G’s of cash stashed away and a small bag of essentials ready to grab and go. The point is that I have the stuff in the same place and can pick it up and go within seconds.

Back Again

Over the last two years I’ve barely written anything on this blog whatsoever.

There are a couple of things to note. There have been some serious technical issues with the site that have been intermittent and I simply haven’t had the time to rectify them. The other is that I have been massively busy with other stuff.

The payoff is that now sailing into 2018 I feel confident that I the content I will put out will be much more valuable to readers.
That being said I plan on changing up the content of the blog a little bit. Expect it to get more personal. Expect it to get spiritual. Expect discussion of nonnormative economics in a more roundabout way. Expect to hear more about my life’s philosophy.

Here’s to 2018.

Here’s to Rorta.

Knowledge is power.