Fingerprint Based Security – And why it’s bad news…

Mobile fingerprint scanners; Making capturing fingerprints extremely easy.

Fingerprints are an amazingly convenient way of accessing certain things, such as for instance, your encrypted phone. Unlike a password or a code, you can’t forget your fingerprint and people can’t guess it, either. Continue reading Fingerprint Based Security – And why it’s bad news…

Bug Out Bags and the Concept of ‘Onebagging’

Some of the contents of my bug out bag

Recently, I’ve done a fair bit of travelling across Britain and have been thinking more and more about reducing the amount of shit I take with me. I came across the concept of ‘one bagging’, which is basically the notion that you should only travel with one bag and that this will essentially enhance your travelling experience. Continue reading Bug Out Bags and the Concept of ‘Onebagging’

Life’s Too Short.

My buds kid sister died today. She was too young to realise her dreams. Too young to really even try. Whilst she lived her life to the full, as much as a child can it should reinforce the notion that whether you die at 0 or 100, life is too short.

Get out there and do something with your fucking life.

Lift some weights.

Make some money.

Build a website. Write a blog. Jump out of a plane. Travel the World. Lose weight. Fall in love. Lose your love. Run a half marathon. Get in your car and drive across the country. Fuck a hundred girls. Climb a mountain. Cook a good meal for yourself. Learn to drive.

Whatever you do, it doesn’t matter. Do something.

Be better than all the other oafs and morons who are victims to the corporations, who sit on their couch, watching shit TV and eating shit. Be better than all the people who never leave the county or the state they were born in.

What did I do today?

I made some good fucking money. I did some shit that needed to be done. I chilled with some pals. I set into motion getting a new girl to bang. I counted every calorie I ate. I walked five miles. I sorted my travelling plans for next week. I wrote this.


Dish of the Week – Shakshouka

A noble first attempt. (Note the lack of a skillet)

Just another short post I’m afraid.

One of the things I miss a lot from the old forums is some of the recipes and food ideas that people used to post. As part of my current self-improvement programme I’m going to cook a new dish every week that I’ve never cooked before, this week I cooked Shakshouka. Continue reading Dish of the Week – Shakshouka