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A Framework For Success – The Millennial Edition

I’m writing this up because I’m fed up.

Fed up of what exactly?

Lost kids, the Millennial generation; the product of our awful society posting on the Internet, looking for the answers to their problem. Their problem is their freedom.

They can’t drive.

They live in a toxic home or in another dire living situation.

They cannot do the things they want to do.

And they come to the Internet hoping for a magic pill to solve their problems.

And yet the answers are simple. But most people have been conditioned in a way that renders them incapable to see the obvious. Some have been instilled with a sense of worthlessness that means even when they do have the answers they cannot take action because they are afraid of failure.

Strap up, this is going to be a long one.


Freedom of Movement

When I was a younger lad, I lived in the middle of nowhere in rural England. Yes, there were a few cities relatively close by but most people were scattered all over the places. Public transport was a thing of legend. When I turned sixteen, I knew if I wanted to see my friends, hook up with chicks and have a good time I would have to learn to drive.

I realised the first step was to get an income.

I’d started a business but I gave it over to my brothers and it didn’t make that much money anyway so I started a few little online businesses, made bits of money here and there but that didn’t get me very far. So, enlisting my pals we set about running little scams, some of them completely illegal that I won’t go into here. The money was great but sporadic and we ran into trouble constantly. Everybody knew everybody so if you stole from someone you were marked. I decided to step back from that kind of stuff and get myself a job.

Getting a job was fucking hard. Everywhere that employed teenagers had lists of people ready to work for them so if you wanted a job with them you were at the back of a very long queue. In the mean time to alleviate the costs of driving lessons, I decided to use my initiative and borrow the cars of my friends who could drive and my girlfriends car and even my mother’s car so I could get practice. I’m not recommending you do this but it shows you the lengths I would go to in order to get what I wanted. There are ways to achieve things which are out of your comfort zone, you just have to go and do them.

Eventually an opportunity came up with a large local employer for a job with a very nice wage. There was a problem, the company had an aptitude test that was fairly difficult and few people I knew had passed it. So, I found someone who had already done the test who told me exactly what to do and what answers to choose. I got the job. I had two six hour shifts a week and truthfully was a very lazy employee but there was always overtime and shifts on Sunday’s which paid exceptionally well so I was able to put a lot of money into my bank account. While I actually blew a lot of this money I gave some to a family member to keep safe for me. When he passed it all back to me I had enough money for a beater and insurance.

It was then that I decided I had to make the car pay for itself.

My problem, the fact that my friends lived tens of miles apart and the cities nearby weren’t easily reachable became the idea behind my next move. I let everyone know that I was essentially now a taxi service. This rewarded me in many ways. I was making nearly £100 some nights and my beater had good fuel economy so nearly all of that was pure profit for me. As well as that I got to meet plenty of girls I wouldn’t have met otherwise, social proof and access to parties.

I finally had independence.

Sometimes when I was bored and had time to kill, I would literally drive hundreds of miles to go to new places, see old friends; It felt like I could do anything I wanted too. It boosted my self-esteem and my confidence. When I turned nineteen, the fact I had a car allowed me to get a job that paid more than what many university graduates earn. The keys to my car were in essence the keys to my freedom.

I can’t tell you what to do, I can only show you my path and hope that you can take something from it.

A Roof Over Your Head

If you aren’t going to college, joining the military or live in a toxic home environment I don’t actually recommend leaving home as soon as you turn eighteen. There are several reasons and several exceptions to this.

Firstly, living at home means you can stack money you would otherwise burn on rent. I know people who didn’t leave home for a good five years but saved enough for a deposit on a house. I don’t think living at home in your early twenties is ideal or to be strived for but these people will probably never pay rent in their lives.

One of the reasons I don’t advocate leaving home is that if you’re young and living with others it can be a recipe for disaster. I essentially ended up living in a squat for a year and it destroyed me, yes I was stronger as a person for living in that dump but it set me back over a year. That’s a year of my life where I could have been building my life and working on myself gone. Most young people have zero discipline and that is infectious and distracting. If you can live on your own and are capable of looking after yourself then go for it. But the truth is most people can’t. I wish it wasn’t so but most people are incapable of looking after themselves, let alone a house or apartment until they’ve grown up a bit. Blame it on society or the individual but it’s the truth. If you can live alone. It shifts responsibility solely onto you. Being alone for long periods will allow you to build discipline, study, work on yourself and deal with actually being alone, something that again most people seem incapable of doing.

People might say, “but I can’t take girls to my parents”. Listen, you can sneak girls in and out while your parents sleep or when they’re out. You can bang girls in your car or somewhere quiet. If you want the bang, you’ll find a way.

Financial Freedom

I touched on this earlier. When I was trying to get work I was relentless. I estimate that in six months I probably rang, emailed and gave my CV to at least a hundred different businesses. I went out. I got rejected. I handed my CV to people knowing that it would be laughed and scoffed at and ultimately trashed. This is the attitude you need to have not only to get a job but to keep a job and actually succeed in it.

Everybody has skills they can leverage. Everybody has problems that need solving. You need to find your niche.

Increasingly temporary/short term employment is going to be utilised by companies as business and labour demands shift over certain periods. Many people will not take advantage of this. You should. Find companies offering short stints of work. Look online. Many companies advertise in other businesses or on sites like Craigslist or Gumtree.

Once you have the income, then you stack.

Like I said, this article will not solve your problems. Only you can do that. This article highlights the possibilities and allow you to develop your own ideas to solve these problems in your life.

Let me know how this works for you.

As always, peace out.

Eliminating Consumer Behaviour (Part I)

This is going to be a fairly long post, split into two parts.

The next part of my self improvement adventure is to reduce my consumer behaviour. I already talked a lot about reducing the amount of money I spend on food in an earlier article, but I am going to continue in this vain, reducing my consumer behaviour and increasing my productive behaviours.

What is my motivation for reducing/eliminating my own consumer behaviours?

Western society is fundamentally miserable. We want, want, want. We spend aimlessly and thoughtlessly with no thought for our future. Buy consuming we put more money into the pockets of corporations who seek to influence government legislation and have us buy more and more of their products. Spending money is unfulfilling. Producing content, creating and selling products and improving ourselves is much more fulfilling. I’m sick of seeing those around me consume and I’m sick of seeing some of those traits in myself too. Above all I’m eliminating my consumer behaviours in the hope that I can be a happier person. Apologies if this sounds like a rant – That’s because it is one!

The first step in eliminating my own consumer behaviour is looking at what I consume that can be eradicated or reduced to as little as possible:

  • Clothes
  • Caffeine drinks
  • Social Media
  • Alcohol
  • E-Liquid
  • Time spent in nightclubs/bars
  • Pop culture


I will happily admit that I have spent a lot of money on clothes. I own entire collections of various brands. Buying these clothes makes me temporarily happy and I will admit I get a long term enjoyment from wearing nice clothes and people telling me how well dressed I am and asking where they can get the threads I wear. On the negative side I have spent far too much money on clothes and realised the other day that realistically I could go a whole year without having to buy any new clothes, with the exception of suits. I may do just that. People buy clothes because they like the feeling of novelty and guess what? That feeling dries up the longer you have your once new clothes for, so you have to buy more clothes to get that feeling.

Caffeine Drinks

Again, I’m addicted to Diet Coke and am partial to a lot of other junk drinks. I’ve gone four days without a Diet Coke at the time of writing and I honestly cannot remember when I have gone this long without. If each bottle costs £1, I estimate that I am spending somewhere in the region of £350-£500 a year on this addiction alone. That is staggering and unbelievably it’s something I’ve never really thought much about. On the plus side, I own shares in Coke and Pepsi, so…

Social Media

This isn’t really financial consumerism but more of a time sink. I shudder to think about the amount of time my use of social networks adds up too, but it must be a lot. Even checking your Facebook for 20 minutes a day adds up to five days a year spent on Facebook. Most people have Twitter, Instagram, etc. Spend 20 minutes each every day and that’s FIFTEEN DAYS a year spent browsing those sites. I discovered what I call Facebook withdrawal – A sinking feeling that happens when you don’t check your Facebook for several days that I suspect is due to lack of Dopamine and possibly a secondary feeling of “Thank God, I’ve escaped”. Who knows. 120 hours of working even at minimum wage is almost £800. When you think of it like that…


Admittedly, these days I’m not so much of a drinker, but I still spend money on booze and it also causes/encourages a myriad of consumer behaviours such as spending money wastefully, eating crap food and doing nothing. Even buying as little as a four pack a week costs £250 a year. And I know people who drink that much every day.


E-Liquid costs nothing compared to cigarettes but if you buy expensive liquids it can still add up. For me kicking cigarettes was the start of a renewed interest in consumer behaviour because it is addictive, costly and not good for you; the three characteristics I think makes up so much of reckless consumerism.  I buy all my juice wholesale so I pay about a third of the price and I’m looking at mixing my own juices.

Time spent in nightclubs/bars

I spend a few hours a week at least inside nightclubs and bars. I spend money in these places so I can consume more pussy. That is almost the sole reason I go out. I have plenty of friends and I make plenty of acquaintances and associates anyway. What’s worse is it has held me back from meeting higher quality women because you won’t find quality women in the places I frequent. It’s a harsh truth. When I’m in bars and clubs I’m also spending money on alcohol too. I don’t spend much, but it adds up. Frankly I’ve spent the best part of ten years going out and getting hammered and pulling girls in those kind of environments. I’m bored of it and I don’t want to be hanging out in bars when I’m thirty, either.

Pop Culture

We all consume pop culture on some level. Social networks practically shove it down our throats. The same with mainstream media too. Does anyone in the western World not know about Kim Kardashian fathers sex change? More worryingly I know people who know more about the goings on of the Kardashian family than their own. I’ve never been a big consumer of pop culture but I still watch junk on the Internet from time to time and find myself clicking on pop culture related clickbait. Fuck that.

Part II will be published ASAP.

Four Essential Books

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

This is a highly rated book and it’s because the habits it talks about are true. Even introducing one or two of the habits into your life will massively increase your effectiveness, productivity and success. The key thing is that whilst the habits themselves are easy to integrate its keeping them consistently in your life that is the challenge.

It’s worth mentioning that the book has sold over 15 million copies and that the author, Stephen Covey introduced the concept of abundance mentality. That’s gotta count for something. Continue reading Four Essential Books