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Update: Apple Encryption Success!

Earlier this year I wrote about Apple’s new encryption deployed on all new iPhones or those running the more recent firmware and that this was good news for anyone concerned about their iPhones and their personal privacy.

Wired published an article this week stating that in New York, 92 criminal cases have come about where an iPhone running Apple’s new encryption was a piece of evidence and that in 74 cases, the NYPD were locked out of the iPhone altogether. We can bet that in the 18 cases where the phone was accessed, they were not utilising the alphanumeric passwords I discussed in my earlier article.

That makes the encryption mechanism somewhat successful in the face of one of the biggest police departments in the World.

Stories like this will have major repercussions in terms of laws regarding encryption on devices such as the iPhone, and if the UK is anything to go by, its likely America will introduce some kind of legislation against such forms of encryption.

Big Brother Watch: EU Plans to Install Tracking Device in every new car from 2018

Interestingly as the election rages on in the UK this has gone unnoticed in the news. You couldn’t have picked a better time for it, the Labour and Conservative Parties are desperate to keep this out of the media.

The EU wants every new car to be installed with what is essentially a tracking device. There is nothing British politicians can do about it either, short of leaving the Union itself. This technology will almost certainly be used by the Police to track cars and also almost certainly by insurance companies looking to rinse drivers for even more of their hard earned money, despite the EU’s assurances to the contrary. But in a post-Snowden era, who do you trust?

Any doubts I had about voting UKIP have been cast aside. The establishment in the UK needs to hear this message that this bullshit is no longer acceptable.